Babybel Cheese – Your Perfect Snack

Are you thinking what is this babybel cheese? And from which cheese family it belongs? And for sure, its new bright red cover packaging has made you more astonished, isn’t it? 

Cheese is now everybody’s favorite snack, nobody wants it off the table. People love to have cheese in almost all junk foods. They better prefer to serve their meals with extra cheese topping. 

Are you satisfied with mix and match or would you like to stick to your favorite? Babybel cheese is enough to energize and liven up your meal box. There are numerous reasons to love Babybel-we surely gonna share them with you. Babybel is a 100% real cheese snack, that you cannot help yourself to use in your junk. It’s 100% saved from artificial growth hormones, artificial flavors, and colors. No preservatives.

If you better want to choose the real thing, use it well in all moderation. Spare some time with us. To learn more about Babybel’s types, ingredients, and nutrients. Keep reading to choose your sophisticated cheese. 

Babybel, what type of cheese family? 

A semi-hard cheese Babybel is made of a pasteurized milk cow. Babybel comes in a net bag packing in which each piece is detailed as a distinct red waxing coat. It’s 100% organic cheese with no additives in it. Babybel cheese is prepared under special care while taking milk from paster-raised cows. To make it more popular, health concerns remained in mind. 

Fundamentally, America initiated making Babybel cheese, and now selling it in different French cities to make it more popular and monetize. French is now making a hallmark in selling babybel cheese. Have you heard about Edam Cheddar Cheese? French made this modification in Babybel cheese. And it is completely beyond expectation in taste and use. 

Let us tell you some more exciting things about Babybel cheese. A French company named ‘Bel group” introduced soft creamy cheese that is “Mini Babybel Cheese” it is purely made of lectic ferments and salts. Mild creamy and delicious Mini Babybel Cheese serves you the best flavors and taste in your pizzas and burgers. 

What does Babybel cheese taste like? 

Babybel cheese is a super delicious kind of tasty cheese. That is incredibly scrumptious for use in any snack or meal. It has a mild salty flavor that adds to ups unique taste. Babybel cheese is amazingly soft and has not even a mild taste of sharpness. Without any worries or confusion, you can add it on with other cheese flavors. 

Your Babybel cheese is entirely gluten-free. It doesn’t contain any precautions. Hence for your convenience. We are preserving it in the wax coating so that you can use it for a longer time. Its mildness makes it the best choice for people. Believe us, it is less creamy and less sticky, and one slice of Babybel would be enough to add much taste to your snack. 

Babybel cheese often sees as a tiny version of Edam cheese, and because of its semi-hard quality. It has a few gentle notes of grassiness and mild nuttiness. All in all, it’s deliciously natural cheese. 

Health Concerns: 

Babybel cheese is no doubt highly organic and pure. But still, some factors can add harm to your health. So better save yourself from any kind of health issues you must be cautious while adding cheese to your everyday meals. 

Excess of everything is bad! 

Babybel cheese is of low sodium level and can take you towards obesity in your health. Certainly, not all cheese types are harmful to health. A few cheese types are worse to use in excess. 

1- Parmesan cheese

2- Cheddar cheese

3- Goats or blue cheese

4- Roquefort cheese 

Artificial color, flavors, and taste can easily increase your body’s fats and cholesterol levels. That can be threatening. You must keep yourself under control to use cheese in excess, moderate consumption is bearable. 

Wax-coating on Babybel cheese, Why? 

Mini Babybel cheese comes in wax-coating to give you the mark of “food safe” and ensure its quality maintenance. We can guarantee you to keep the product under protection and dry out. Wax coating cover won’t let your cheese exposed to elements like bacteria and the formation of mold. Our purpose is your safety by protecting the food. Wax coating won’t let your cheese dry out. 

You are surely thinking about how we put on wax coating to Babybel cheese. 

Dipping Method: 

When the Babybel cheese is completely produced then we double dipped it in wax. But first cheese pieces are dipped in clear wax to seal the cheese pack. Then, we The red wax here that is the most recognizable, we dipped cheese in it. That’s only a one-way process to seal the Babybel cheese by wax coating, some factory environment processes might vary. 

Can you eat the wax off a Babybel? 

We know this definite question is processing in your mind. Can you imagine somebody has already tried it? As you are much aware and familiar with now. So, you must remember we wouldn’t recommend it to even try it is just a matter of taste. Nothing else no harm. The mixture around the wax coating is pure paraffin. And it doesn’t contain any taste like Bisphenol, and Bisphenol has been used for years in the making of plastics and resins. That can have toxic effects on your health, 

Red wax coating is purely a matter of protection and safety. You shouldn’t go deep down to its taste and try it. We are here to retain your babybel’s freshness. That’s how your wax can last up to 6 months in the refrigerator. 

Babybel cheese – Ingredients: 

We are conscious of your health and its all matters. Babybel cheese is fully made of organic ingredients. That helps it to become creamy, soft, and tangier. This less tangy and delicious mild cheese is encompassed brilliant ingredients. 

  • Pasteurized milk 
  • Coagulant 
  • Salt
  • Cultural Bacteria 
  • Yeast 
  • Rennet Extract 

Babybel cheese – Nutrients: 

Babybel cheese is perfectly made for your taste buds’ pleasure while keeping its nutrition in mind according to per meal or chunk of babybel’s cheese in your snack. 

Here are some figures included in mini Babybel cheese: 

  • Fat: 5.1 g
  • Calcium: 150 mg 
  • Salt: 0.15 g 
  • Energy: 65 calories
  • Saturated fat: 3.4 g 

They may be different in some sizes and shapes and types as well. 

Babybel cheese – Calories: 

Calories matter and are crucial in any edible you have in life. And cheese calories may also vary in the snack you use with it. Also, Babybel cheese of all sizes contains different levels of calories in them. 

  • Babybel Light Cheese = 60 calories 
  • Babybel Medium Cheese = 70 calories 
  • Babybel Mini Cheese = 50 calories 

Various types of Babybel cheese: 

It is so confusing to get to know, how many flavors and tastes in Babybel cheese. Anybody can get confused about knowing but it is not true about Babybel that it comes in only one flavor. Red waxed coating hides its actual flavor. After peeling it off you may get to know your desired flavor. 

It is wrapping, wax color, and taste have been divided into 7 unique types. Pure milk and organic made Babybel cheese each type have a different taste. 

Let’s get straight into it, to know the best one Babybel cheese. 

  • Mini Babybel cheese original
  • Mini Babybel  white cheddar
  • Mini Babybel Mozzarella 
  • Mini Babybel Light
  • Babybel sharp original
  • Mini Babybel Babel
  • Mini Babybel Gouda

Mini Babybel cheese original

As you know now, Mini Babybel cheese is a semi-hard cheese made of pasteurized milk, oil, and salt. Due to the salt addition, it feels a bit salty and has forbearing grassiness. Sometimes you may feel it like not the best version of snack cheese, but you must remember it is from the family of Edam Cheddar Cheese. You just need to know how to use it with your snacks and cracker to add up more taste to your evenings. 

Mini Babybel white cheddar

Semi-hard, 100% real, and pure cheddar cheese contains no preservatives that save your well-being from being harmless and any worse effect. A smart quantity of calcium and protein adds richness to your health. You can use it wisely over your chips, veggies, and other snacks. 70% calories in a single slice of 21g differentiate it from other cheese brands. 

Mini Babybel Mozzarella 

Free from all kinds of artificial flavors, Mini Babybel Mozzarella is purely hygienic and made of salt, oil, and milk. 50% of its calories in a single slice of 21g makes it an amazing kid’s snack essential. Mini Babybel Mozzarella is the softest version of Edam cheese, we are sure you would love to have it with your burgers and pizza. If you are a Mozzarella sticks lover, you will be obsessed with it and this will surely take your taste to extreme levels. 

Mini Babybel Light 

Mini Babybel light cheese snack is specifically for the people who are afraid to have fats by eating cheese in routine. This seems the tiny version of Edam cheese. 50% fewer fats than regular cheese and 50% fewer calories than a regular slice of 21g don’t make it low in taste and quality. It sustains the standard version, being free from artificial flavors and tastes. 

Babybel sharp original 

We bet you gonna love this sharp original Babybel cheese on the go. A blend of sweetness and saltiness makes it entirely different in taste. Pure milk, proteins, and salt are the ingredients that ensure the users enjoy their original worth. A sprinkle of sharp tangy flavor lets you make your snacks more scrumptious. 

Mini Babybel Bonbel

If you need a lighter cheese taste in your snacks, then you don’t need to think more. Mini Babybel Bonbel cheese with a clean and fresh taste is perfect for your veggies and crackers. Mini Babybel Cheese Bonbel is made of goat milk, cow milk, vegetable oil, salt, and gelatin. Mini Babybel Bonbel is a mixture of creamy and salty flavors to enjoy at your best. 

Mini Babybel Gouda

Now Babybel Gouda is a blend of sweet and nutty flavors. You may add Gouda Babybel to your snacks. Mini Babybel Gouda purely resembles Edam cheese. It contains microbial enzymes. Pasteurized milk, and salt to make it perfect as per your taste. 

Advantages of Babybel Cheese:

  • Compact fats

High fats in any edible can damage your health in the form of obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases. So better save yourself from diseases while enjoying your snacks with cheese. Choose our Babybel cheese and go beyond the heights of taste. 

  • Highly Organic

Only Babybel cheese in your way is completely organic and purely made of hygienic ingredients. Original pasteurized milk, salt, oil, and the blend of veggies, and microbial help to sustain its standard. Babybel doesn’t affect your body’s metabolism. It’s best not only for you and your family but also for your pets.

  • Carries low sugar

Babybel cheese contains a low level of sugar and takes care of its diabetic patients as well. So that they can also enjoy a delicious add-on of Babybel cheese in their meal. 

Babybel cheesemakers take care of their users. 

  • Power to muscles and bones

Due to the pure milk addition in ingredients, calcium intakes improve in Babybel cheese users. Hence it helps to strengthen their bones and muscles. It also helps you to save from temporary ailments caused by calcium deficiency. Enjoy by adding a dreamy creamy taste to your snacks. 

  • Cure Osteoporosis 

Babybel assists in treating Osteoporosis. Due to its low lactose and high calcium quantity. It saves your bones from pain and diseases. 20 g of Babybel seems enough for your body’s calcium. 

  • Low risks of heart disease

So many researchers say that using cheese in your routine meals can take you toward heart disease, or cardiovascular disease. Despite this, our Babybel cheese contains proteins and calcium that decrease the risk of getting any disease of the heart. 

  • Lessen cholesterol levels 

To make your meal healthy and nutrition rich, you need to add only Babybel cheese to your daily life routine. Adding Babybel cheese which has fewer fats in it, can add charm and taste to your diet and also saves you from bad cholesterol levels. 

Checklist after removing wrapper: 

Here you get to know how you can eat Babybel cheese, keep reading and ready to eat!

  • You need to remove the paraffin wax first. 
  • To take out cheese with ease you need to cut both sides.
  • Making chunks of cheese can help you to enjoy it with ease. 
  • To boost its taste, use it with snacks, crackers, and veggies that will be best for you. 


Here goes….

Well, certainly all minute details, features and usage couldn’t let you be unaware of Edam cheese “bel group”. Babybel Cheese seems one of the best with its all salient qualities and healthy organic ingredients. We assure you this is the first time you are going to have some cheese with health concerns. Our favorite part is their consciousness about all age groups of people to use it with ease in everyday meals. Babybel cheese is entirely a carefree snack on your table. You can go on the peak with it by adding it to your pizzas and burgers. 

Furthermore, haven’t you seen 7 unique flavors and taste with all different ingredients and nutrients? Ops, anybody can go crazy, whatever taste you desire, even in strips and sticks. You can make your lunch, brunch, or dinner best according to your need. They are the best health taker, even after excessive use. You are safe. Red wax coating is something else beyond admiration. To keep your cheese stored for days in your refrigerator and to save it from mold forming. Babybel gives us an astonishing kind of wrapping and packing. All different flavors and tastes with different color wrapping help you to choose your favorite one. How can we ignore its benefits? 

Low lactose, less sugar quantity, and richness of proteins and calcium can blow your mind. Taste and security at once? So, confused yet? No need to go for any other cheese instead than Babybel cheese by the bel group which equally resembles Edam cheese. 


Can Babybel cheese stay unrefrigerated? 

Any cheese can stay safe for only 2-4 hours when unrefrigerated. If we talk about Babybel then, Mini Babybel cheese should be refrigerated while not used. It can help the cheese to remain cheese. 

What is most special about Babybel cheese? 

Babybel cheese is made of pure and natural ingredients. That makes it distinguished among all. It is completely safe from colors and artificial flavors. The blend of natural ingredients makes it most special. 

How long can Babybel cheese last? 

We must remember, Babybel cheese is semi-hard cheese and is creamy and soft too. Well, we couldn’t keep it safe for a longer time. After removing the seel you should use it within seven days. 

Can you reuse the wax from Babybel? 

If somebody among you is going to make your hard cheese and wants to use the wax coating. Then for sure, you can reuse it. You just need to be careful to coat your cheesy creation. You have to melt the cheese wax down and then strain it well to ensure cleanliness. 

Can you eat the red part of the Babybel cheese? 

The red part of the Babybel cheese is there for the safety of the food. It is “Food safe” not food itself. You cannot eat it. But you must know it’s also not harmful to health purposes. You are completely safe with Babybel cheese. 

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