5 Best Smash Burger Presses to Buy

It’s already summer, and we are all ready to set our pans for cooking. Whether it’s summer or winter, cooking is our favorite hobby. You can cook Italian, Chinese or any continental food. Why can’t you try burgers this week? It’s a great idea.

Put your grill pans on the stove and make the delicious hamburgers you want. Wait! Why can’t you try a burger press? It’s all a misconception that it will lose its juicy nature after pressing a burger. A burger will even get juicier after the pressing process.

Now, what’s the confusion? Go and have your smash burger press. Are you stuck in the market after seeing so many smash burger press products? Need help choosing the best smash burger press?

Don’t panic; here you can find all the info about burger press. You don’t need to research to find the best smash burger press. Just smash all these confusions and see the details of this burger press below:

Best Smash Burger Presses to Buy this Year:

Before any online shopping, all of you love to check its review. If the product reviews are reasonable, you’ll get it; otherwise, go for another option. Here you can see a detailed view of all the products included in burger presses.

1. Cuisinart Smashed Burger Press

Cuisinart Smashed Burger Press
Cuisinart Smashed Burger Press
Cuisinart Smashed Burger Press
Cuisinart Smashed Burger Press Cuisinart Smashed Burger Press Cuisinart Smashed Burger Press

The burger patty is all about its shape. A Cuisinart Smashed Burger Press is to shape a patty to 6”. Can you manage a hamburger of considerable size? It’s hectic to deal with such a giant patty size. Therefore, a Cuisinart Smashed Burger Press is here to reduce the size of your big burger patty.

What do you think about its weight? Don’t worry because this tool weighs 2.25 pounds only. Usually, you can’t see a patty size more than 3.5″. It will generate a rare size of burger patty up to 6″. It means you don’t need to put much effort into using this tool.

The iron plate on this burger smasher tool seems heavy. The heavy nature of the iron plate on the top of this burger smasher tool will enable it to shape the patty. The sides of 1cm of this tool will make the patty juicier. Moreover, it will help to produce a thin patty.

The best feature of this smash burger tool is the handle to grip it. It will enhance maneuverability due to its wooden nature. Gripping a wooden handle is relatively easy than any other material. If you still skip any detail, then view its pros and cons below:


  • Cast iron surface of 6 inches
  • It will lock the fats and juices in the patty due to the lips around its edges.
  • Manageable wooden handle to grip
  • Suitable weight to use the tool
  • Easy to clean


  • Don’t go on a small stove due to its vast size
  • Its wooden handle doesn’t stop rotating

2. Burger Smasher – Cast Iron

Warmodern Stainless Steel Burger
Warmodern Stainless Steel Burger
Warmodern Stainless Steel Burger
Warmodern Stainless Steel Burger Warmodern Stainless Steel Burger Warmodern Stainless Steel Burger

No jaws, no curves, only a flat, and smooth bottom. Have you seen all these qualities in a smasher before? A Warmodern Stainless Steel Burger is here to surprise you with its flat and soft bottom. Now, smash your burger patty without having an even surface.

Its stylish wooden handle is a heat-proof element of this smasher. Make thin and thinner patty from this Burger Press, as larger patties are no less than a problem. Just flat the two patties in one go. It’s your type; take and make your dreamy hamburger.

A high-quality Burger Smasher Tool will guarantee you a long-time usage. Easy to cook and also clean. Non-stick smasher in which there is no chance of stickiness of oil and any other material.

Have a quick review of the pros and cons this smasher has:


  • Flat and clear bottom for smashing the patty perfectly
  • Cast iron surface of this smasher
  • Suitable weight of press to compress the patty
  • Nonrotating wooden handle with a stylish outlook


Everything in this press is perfect; this product has no such issue.

3. Blackstone Burger Press

Blackstone Burger Press 2
Blackstone Burger Press 2
Blackstone Burger Press 2
Blackstone Burger Press 2 Blackstone Burger Press 2 Blackstone Burger Press 2

Have you heard about heat resistance? This is what a Blackstone Smash Burger Press offers you. This burger press’s finest quality is smashing six burgers in one go. Moreover, the innovative design of this Blackstone Burger Presssmashes 4 sandwiches and 3 pieces of meat in a single press.

Choose a giant Blackstone for your burger patty to cook your meat deeply. Preheat the plate for a crispy brown patty. The cast iron plate of this burger press will retain the heat and then transfer it to the burger.

This technique of burger smashing is the most used one in the world. The edges of this Stainless Steel Burger Press will clean all the extra food off your griddle. Its 3/8” edges will provide a consistent size of meat for the patty.

Want to know more about this smasher? Look at the pros and cons below:


  • Giant size and enable to cook multiple patties at a time
  • Heat resistance, rubber grip, and non-rotating handle
  • Heavyweight cast iron plate with a high-level durability
  • Preheat is necessary for extra brown patty


Too heavy to lift and use for pressing the burger patty.

4. Bellemain Cast Iron Grill Press

Bellemain Cast Iron Grill Press
Bellemain Cast Iron Grill Press
Bellemain Cast Iron Grill Press
Bellemain Cast Iron Grill Press Bellemain Cast Iron Grill Press Bellemain Cast Iron Grill Press

What can make your burger juicier? Of course, it’s the ridged surface of its patty. A well-cooked burger with grill marks on its surface is crispier than a burger cooked on a simple pan. An8.75-inch surface of a Bellemain Cast Iron Grill Press will allow you to press multiple burger patties.

Are you a bacon or steak lover? The consistent amount of iron in this smashed burger press will raise a question of rust in your mind? Then you are on a suitable product because Bellemain Cast Iron Grill Press has an adequate weight of 3 pounds for a perfect steak or bacon press.

Moreover, a fear of stickiness of smasher tool with burger patty is also there. Its wooden handle will stringer your grip and helps you to lift the cool. You don’t even need to wait to cool down the smasher. Season your burger smasher and enjoy the hamburger in every season.

If the pressing time of a smasher is perfect, then eating time will reduce. The crispy patty of a hamburger will further shorten the eating time of a hamburger. Don’t wait and smash multiple buns under a single smasher tool. Moreover, see its pros and cons here:


  • A ridged surface of grill shape iron.
  • The 8.5 inches extra size of the whopping surface
  • Smash multiple buns with one go
  • Heavy but durable product
  • A 3-inch-high wooden handle to avoid steam coming toward the hands


I don’t find any scam in this product at all.

5. Cuisinart Cast Aluminum Double Burger Press

Cuisinart Cast Aluminum Double Burger Press
Cuisinart Cast Aluminum Double Burger Press
Cuisinart Cast Aluminum Double Burger Press
Cuisinart Cast Aluminum Double Burger Press Cuisinart Cast Aluminum Double Burger Press Cuisinart Cast Aluminum Double Burger Press

Have you heard about dimensions? This Burger smasher has a size of 11.3 x 4.8 x 3.6 inches. Is it a birthday gathering and your friends are waiting for the delicious hamburgers? Choose Cuisinart Cast Aluminum Double Burger Press for an immediate patty pressing.

Think how juicy your burger patty will be if it gets pressed between two plates. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about its shape. Whether the material of the patty is chicken, beef, or mutton, the Cuisinart Cast Aluminum Double Burger Press is there.

The non-stick surface of this Double Burger Press will help you mold your patty’s shape. It’s excellent because the thickness of this patty is in your hand. It’s like a mold in which you must put the batter—worried about its thickness?

A perfect pressing handle with aluminum plates of this burger smashed tool will let you cook the patty. The extra battery will get out upside of the instrument. You can’t put material more than its limit in this tool. Here let’s have a look at its pros and cons:


  • Create patties for two buns in a single go
  • Allows to make as much skinny patty as you can
  • The sturdiness level of this tool is high
  • Grill marks from both lids and mold


  • It’s only to smash the patty, not to burn it
  • Sometimes it gets sticky. Use an oil spray to avoid stickiness in its mold.

What are the Things to Check Before Having a Burger Press?

When you have to buy a product, the first thing you do is to check its features. From the presser weight to its shape, all components are essential. Similarly, a Super Smash Burger should have some must-have features.

See which factors are essential for a Burger Press and how much?

1. Quality of Burger Press

All of you clearly know the difference between high and low-quality materials. Same as a burger press follows this strategy to check the long-lasting material. Always go for a burger press that has the finest quality.

A non-stick burger press is a perfect choice. The handle of a non-stick smasher also has an ideal quality. For example: If you are taking a clean surface burger press, check its rubber handle to prevent heat.

2. Patty Size

The size of a burger patty depends on the harder press you do. It all happens due to the force you applied to the burger smasher. The burger is food which everyone likes in his style. That’s why people want to make it by themselves.

Use a masher tool to shape your patty. It’s only you who can decide the thickness of your patty. The standard diameter is four inches. You can further have a burger press having a larger diameter. Choose the Best Burger press for Smashed Burgers and decide your favorite patty size.

3. Base

A surface is not the only essential in a Smasher Tool; a base is also necessary. Take a presser with smooth bottom for an even-size patty. No roughness is required for a clean and concise size patty. An even patty of your burger will also cook properly.

Select a good bottom presser to get a grilled and dark brown patty. A smooth and round base will require less effort to shape the patty. It will moreover result in a tasty and well-shaped patty.

4. Meat Amount

Excess to anything is wrong. Don’t put too much meat in a smasher that you can’t even get a shape of it. It depends on the no of people for which you are making hamburgers. If you cook for a family, a few amounts are enough to press.

You have to put a lot of meat for more patties for some larger gatherings. The amount of more meat will require a Double Burger Press tool. A large presser will allow you to add more meat and clean the extra meat.

5. Handle

How can you hold a Burger Press if there is no handle? Choose a press whose handle is comfortable and easy to grip. Therefore, handles are necessary for a smasher tool. The length and style of the handle also matter.

A rotating and low grip handle is always irritating while pressing a burger. Try to have a press whose handle is of wood because they are non-moveable and suitable for grip. These handles are protected from heat as well.

6.   Weight

Always weigh a Smash Burger Press before buying it. A press whose weight is between 1.5 to 2,5 pounds is ideal. Don’t go for too heavy a media because if you can’t hold it, how can you use it. Furthermore, don’t choose a too lighter press as well.

A lightweight press can break easily. Try to go for an adequate press size whose weight is also manageable. The practical importance of the press will enable you to make a tasty patty for the size of your meal.


What is a Smash Burger?

A Smash burger is to press down a burger patty to make it crispier and juicy. It’s a popular and mouthwatering technique for a delicious hamburger. Use different smasher tools to shape your burger patty.

How to Make a Smash Burger on the Grill?

Put the meat in the shape of balls on the grill or stovetop. Then, press them with a plate or flat bottom like a metal spatula. Change the side of the patty and cook the other side on a heated pan.

How to Press Burger Patties?

Preheat the Smasher tool and oil it. After that, put an adequate amount of meat in it. Press the meat with pressure from the upside with your hands. It will create the most acceptable patty size with proper brown color.

How to Use a Burger Press?

It will require a unit or half. You have to check its non-stick nature and grease it. After greasing, put the meat on its top and press it with the weight of the smasher.

It’s a Wrap:

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