Bob And Brad’s Massage Gun: The Ultimate Self-Care Tool

Are you guys also tired to spend a lot of dollars on physical therapies? Because you are having muscle pain and muscle stiffness. To be honest, this pain is very common these days. Every third person is suffering from this pain and spending huge money on physical therapies.

Or on the medicines which cost many dollars and again you have to visit the doctor again and again to change your medicines. This whole process lowers your motivation level to get fit and healthy again. Eventually, you start living in this state by compromising or by having painkillers to get temporary comfort. 

This is not the right way to live a healthy and happy life. We can boost your energy and motivation level again by presenting you with an amazing gadget, which will help you to get cured by sitting at your home in your personal space. And without having any medicines.

Yes, we are presenting you with Bob And Brad’s massage gun. This massage gun is incredible. Once you will start using it, you will forget about every therapy session and medicine. You will just rely on this in every way. 

It is a magical gadget. You do not need someone to give you a massage. This is the best thing because these days everyone is busy. You can massage this by yourself. This massage gun will help you to eliminate pain from neck muscles, shoulders muscles, and your back pain either in the lower back or upper and you can also use it to release pain and stiffness in your legs or arms. You can also use Bob and Brad’s c2 massage gun. This massage gun is also having the same features and qualities. It will also give you the same results. And you will forget about every type of pain just by using it for the first time. You should buy this amazing gadget.

Why choose Bob and Brad Massage Gun?

There are many reasons to choose Bob and Brad’s massage gun but the main reason is that Bob and Brad are professional physical therapists. They have 50 years of experience in this physical therapy field. They did a great job in this field. They have 5 million followers on social media all around the world. They have started their own brand 10 years ago. And they do not only produce these massage guns. But their special quality is that they can also customize these therapy gadgets according to the needs of their patients. 

Because they know very well which features will help their patients in the best way. Bob and Brad earned a very good name in this field that’s why their products are 100% certified. You can buy them without any doubt.  

The reason is they are not only manufacturers of this therapy equipment but it is also their profession. So, no one can understand better than them which gadget will help their patients. You can rely on their products easily. You can also check Bob and Brad’s massage gun reviews to get satisfied.

bob and brad massage gun 

How to use Bob And Brad Massage Gun:

Before understanding how to use this product, first, we should know about the precautions we should take while its usage. 


The following are the precautionary measures we should take:

  • This massage gun should only be used by healthy adults; not any child or aged person can use it.
  • You should use this only on the body’s soft tissues without causing any harm.
  • You should not use this on hard parts of the body; you can not use it on the head or bones.
  • You should only use it on dry and clear skin, and your skin should not have any issues like acne or anything else.
  • You should not use it near your hair because it may get tangled when it vibrates.
  • You should not use it on the body parts where the skin is thin, like the back, hands and feet. And on the shin or the back of your arms.
  • Never use it on sensitive body parts just like your breast, eyes and around your genitals organs.
  • If you feel continuous pain with its usage, stop using it immediately and consult your doctor.

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Usage of this bob and brad massage gun is very easy. We’re also providing you with a user guide and user manual. You can follow this to use this massage gun without any harm. Let’s highlight some points of its usage:

  • You can simply turn it on by pressing the button for at least 2 seconds. 
  • And if you want to increase the intensity of the massage, you can press the button for 2 seconds at least.
  • Then, its intensity will increase from level 1 to level 2,3,4,5.
  • You can also change its massage head according to which body part you are going to use it.
  • Just simply pull out the massage head firmly, and then you can change its head.
  • If you are using it for the first time, then you need to fully charge it before using it.
  • To charge your massage gun, you need to charge it with a C-type charger.
  • When the battery will be low, it will show a red light as a warning.
  • Then, when the battery is fully charged, it will show a green light.
  • After 10 minutes of usage, it will stop operating automatically.

If you use it without neglecting any precautionary measures, then you will get no harm in its usage. You can also have Bob mad Brad’s t2 massage gun. 

It also has the same features and qualities but it’s a bit big in size than this massage gun. We are also providing you with a user manual which gives a detailed description of how to use a massage gun for different parts of the body.

bob and brad massage gun 


Before knowing the price of this massage gun, you should check out Bob and Brad Massage Gun Reviews; these reviews will help you to make the right decision regarding its purchase. If you buy a black one then its price is $69.99, and if you buy a blue one, its price is $89.99. Guys go and grab your massage gun now to get amazing results.

Features of Bob and Brad Massage Gun:

Bob and Brad massage gun gives amazing results, and after reviewing its features you will definitely buy it. Let’s take a look at its features:

  • 5 Adjustable Speed Levels:

It has different speed levels. Each speed level is appropriate for a specific body part. Like it has five-speed levels of 1800RPM, it is good to recover your muscles from pain. 2100RPM,  it helps to relieve your muscles from pain. 2400RPM, it regulates the blood flow in your body. 2700RPM, it can be used for the decomposition of lactic acid in your body. 3000RPM, it gives a deep massage to your body tissues.

  • Alterable Massage Heads:

This Bob And Brad Massage Gun has different changeable massage heads. You can change each massage gun head according to your need, in the user’s manual. The function of each massage head is also defined. So, you can choose easily without any issues.

  • Ball-Shaped Massage Head:

This ball-shaped massage head is designed to target large muscle groups of the human body. Like, you can use it on your glute muscles, your legs and thighs and your quadriceps. Suppose you did work out after so many days and have cramps. This will help you to get rid of stubborn cramps in your legs or in your other body parts. 

  • Bullet-Shaped Massage Head:

This massage head is suitable for your deep tissues. You can also call it the most aggressive massage head. It gives your body a deep massage by gently massaging them. It will also help you relieve pain in the palms and soles of your body. After a long stressful day, you can use this to release your stress.

  • Fork Shaped Massage Head:

This fork-shaped head has dual points, which will help to release pain from your neck, your spine and Achilles tendon. You can get pain in your neck muscles by sitting in a bad posture or by sitting uncomfortably, just like we used to sit at our workplace. By using this massage head, you will feel relieved and healthy again.

  • Flat Massage Head:

This massage head is a rounder. You can use it on any part of the body. There is no limitation to its usage. It will not harm any part of the body. You just need to keep in mind the precautionary measures while using it. Then, you will get a pain-free body.

  • Air Cushion Massage Head:

You can call this massage head the least aggressive. But it slightly gives massage to your sensitive muscles. It will give no harm to these sensitive tissues or muscles of your body. You can use this just for your hands or feet or any bony area where you can not use any other massage head.

  • Works for Decomposition of Lactic Acid:

Lactic acid is a byproduct of our body; it creates in our body when muscles in our body make energy  anaerobically. The accumulation of this lactic acid can cause muscle soreness, muscle cramps and muscle stiffness. By giving a deep massage to your body, also increases the bloodstream in the body. This increases oxygen level also. As a result, lactic acid starts to decompose in your body. And eventually, you get relief from muscle cramps.

  • Stimulates Nervous System & Muscles:

The nervous system works to transfer signals to your brain and from other body organs, and after receiving this signal, the rest of the body starts working after receiving this signal from the brain. The movement of these muscles in the body should be boosted by this massage therapy. Then, your whole body organs start working properly.

bob and brad massage gun 
bob and brad c2 massage gun 

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Pros and Cons Of Bob And Brad Massage Gun:


  • Small in size:

This massage gun is very easy to use because it is very small in size. And that’s why it is also lightweight, and its weight is just 15.3 ounces. Its size is very small, just like a water bottle. You can easily carry it in your pocket.

  • Easy to Hold:

This Bob and Brad massage gun is very easy to hold. It has a silicone made hand grip. You can use it very easily without any fear that it will be slipped from your hand. You can also use it on your back easily because of its firm grip.

  • Portable:

This massage gun is pocket size. It is a super quality that you can carry this amazing gadget with you anywhere. You can put it in your pocket and can go to the office or if you are travelling. Because it does not take extra space or it does not have a heavyweight.

  • Easy to Charge:

You can change your message gun very easily because it is compatible with C-type charging cables. of us uses a c-type charging cable for our Android phones and other devices. So, you don’t need to invest in getting a new charger, just take out your home charger and fully charge it with this.

  • Durable in Use:

This massage gun is made of super-quality material, which is why it is very durable in use. After purchasing it one time, you can use it for years; even your whole family can use it to get relief from pain and cramps. Even after this, it will remain the same and durable.

  • Quiet in Use:

This massage gun is made up by using noise-reduction technology. With the usage of this technology, it does not create sound while massaging your body. And you can use it anywhere during your job or even if your baby is sleeping near you because it will work silently.

bob and brad c2 massage gun 


  • Costly:

No doubt that this massage gun gives you huge benefits of massaging. But this massage gun is a bit costly for most people. A lot of people will buy it without even looking at the price tag. But for the majority, job doing persons and others its price is very high.

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  • How many times can I use a massage gun in a day?

You can use a massage gun maximum of 2 minutes on each muscle. Because more than 2 minutes on each muscles can cause you harm. And you can use it only 2-3 times per day.

  • What will happen if I overuse my massage gun?

Too much usage of massage and guns can cause serious issues. Just like if you use it for more than 2 minutes on any muscle, then it can cause muscle swelling and discoloration, and it can also cause injury. If your muscles are already weak.

  • Which speed level is best to use a massage gun?

We can not prescribe a speed level for everyone. It depends on the body condition of every individual. If your muscles are already weak and your bones are also, then you should use it at a low-speed level. Or if you are a healthy adult, you can also use it at high speed but after a pre-test.

  • Do massage guns overheat while used?

Yes, massage guns can also overheat while using them for longer periods. But it has a built-in function to automatically turn off if it creates extra heat. And you should also read the user manual to understand its one-time usage time.

  • Can you use a massage gun directly on your skin?

No, we recommend you not use massage guns directly on your skin. Because massage guns are very powerful and intense devices, and they are designed in a way to give a deep massage to your muscles. Using them directly on your skin is not a good idea; it can give you harm.

  • Can massage gun help in reducing fat from the body?

No, massage guns are only designed to give your body a deep massage and boost your energy level again. But it can just accelerate the process of breaking down the fat process.


In this modern world, getting rid of muscle cramps and pains becomes very easy. Just with the usage of this massage gun, you can live an easy and comfortable life. Without any body pain, you will also work more efficiently, and your skills and talents can also be polished. 

So, don’t wait for long therapy sessions to get rid of pain; just use this incredible massage gun to release pain. You can also get Bob and Brad’s C2 massage gun and Bob and Brad’s T2 massage gun for the best results.

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