Cuisinart Cast Iron Griddle Press

Cuisinart CGPR-221 Cast Iron Grill Press (Wood Handle), Weighs 2.8-pounds

There is so much hype about junk foods surrounding us, a blend of sauces, and spicy steaks with a unique variety of buns. It’s very easy to overlook and decide what to eat and how to make, but most of the time. It’s hard to manage at home in the best way.

Well, that’s not much difficult nowadays. This question has been answered now with the super amazing advanced invention of the griddle press iron cast machine.

The iron griddle press of Cuisinart is a wooden handy tool that makes grilling much more convenient and faster. Make your food safe from unwanted grease and oil. The best smash burger press with an iron griddle of Cuisinart reduces your cooking time and helps to make the incredible type of grill marks. 

It’s the most suited for creating paninis on your grill. It has a comfortable wooden handle which makes it easier to move around the grill. Cuisinart cast iron griddle gives faster and healthier grilling. 

Features of  Cuisinart Cast Iron Griddle Press: 

Convenient to use: 

When the grill press of the iron griddle press is heated adequately, its ridged surface gets ready for perfect marks. You just need to start heating it to a sufficient temperature for the grill or pan. 

Then place it directly on top of the food. 

Larger in size: 

The cast iron griddle press has a large capacity to press two burgers at a time. It’s best for cooking bacon, pork, and chops, and especially for keeping the hot dogs on the grill. 

Best suited for grilled sandwiches:

You just start heating the pan on the stove and also the grilled press griddle. When both are heated equally, you should put a grilled cheese sandwich in the pan and then start pressing with the iron grill press. 

Satisfactory weight: 

The best smash burger press of the iron griddle has a three-pound weight of the grill press is enough to apply pressure on the food. 

Lifetime warranty: 

That’s become the most useful equipment for all cooking and grilling types. The heat of a cast iron griddle is effective enough to cook to perfection. Most durable and unique kind of tool in the kitchen, for a lifelong time. 


Cuisinart cast iron griddle press is made of iron, which is unbreakable and solid. The smash burger press is the most reliable due to its sturdiness which makes it a lifetime product. 

Cuisinart cast iron griddle pros and cons: 


  • A Cast iron griddle press is best for retaining heat. 
  • This is most suitable for grilling 6 burgers, 4 sandwiches, and 2-3 pieces of steak at a time. 
  • Easy to clean as a smashing machine. 
  • Smash burger press is a unique kind of gift as a kitchen utensil. 
  • The commercial size of the press measures 10 into 10. 
  • Weighs only 3 pounds most easy to carry and works for hours. 
  • Cast iron griddle press has diagonal ridges that create perfect grill marks. 


  • Cast iron griddle works very well, but sometimes while putting weight as extra can break your meat into pieces and make it out of shape. 
  • Using an iron griddle press for a smash burger could be harmful as well, it could affect the quality of food and disturb its maintenance. 


Cuisinart XL Cast Iron Griddle Press is purely made of iron with a wooden handle at the top of the press. 

Enjoy Healthy Eating: 

Using a burger smasher as a cast iron griddle press could save you from unwanted grease and oil. That surely takes you to encourage healthy eating. 

You can make the best shape patty from this burger press, and enjoying your large patties are also not an issue. You can flat 6 patties in one go. Curve-free and smooth bottom patties are no more an issue. 

Costco as Brand:

Costco is headquartered in Washington state in the United States and has opened its warehouse in Seattle in 1983. 

It’s wholesale cooperation working in the United States of America. 

Kirkland Signature is a well-known brand. 

Costco Angus Beef Burgers: 

Angus Beef comes directly from the breed of Scottish cows. Seemingly the name is perfect for hamburgers, but this doesn’t make a distinction in its quality. Angus cows are the most common cows in America.

Unique Qualities: 

Angus Beef achieves the target of high standards with its juiciness and tenderness. They raise the level of perfection by adding a layer of American cheese and serving it with a Kaiser Sesame-Seed yeast roll. 

Calories in Costco Angus Cheeseburgers: 

Each Angus Cheeseburger contains 500 calories and has 27 grams of fat. And 40 grams of carbs, with 25 grams of protein in it. 

Ready to Eat: 

In the busy lifestyle of this era, you better need this kind of smart choice. Angus is providing flame-broiled and fully-cooked Angus cheeseburgers. That saves your time and gives you the best taste. 

Melted cheese: 

The Angus Cheeseburgers are indifferent at best. When you start heating the cheese automatically melted into the bun. But this is somewhat enjoyable no doubt. 

Heating Instructions: 

  • You can improve the cheeseburger and it’s heating them individually beef, bun and cheese. 
  • You should toast the bun only for 3-4 minutes. 
  • Defrost beef only on 30% power for 1 minute. 
  • Burger petty heat should be 45 seconds only. 
  • On the last, place your cheese on the Angus burger patty and microwave it for the last 20 seconds. Reassemble and enjoy your meal. 

Costco Angus Burgers Frozen: 

Costco also sells Angus Cheeseburgers in Frozen form. Frozen Angus Burgers from Costco is another way to keep it for a longer time. And way easy to deal with later on. In their frozen state, there seems no issue with microwaving them. But necessarily defrost them overnight in the refrigerator. 

  • By opening its wrapper from the very edge, you can microwave it at 30% power for 3minutes. 
  • Then heat it on for 65 seconds. 
  • At last, let your sandwich takes place for the last 10 seconds. 


By reviewing all about smashing machine’s usage, effective results and all minor details. We got to see, the burger making machine is all about its shape.

Cuisinart cast iron griddle press is best to shape your patty in your choice 

You can smash your giant size patty and reduce its size by using a griddle press. Also, its weight is very reasonable and easy to carry. Its wooden handle makes it the best tool for the kitchen.

On the contrary, Beef cheeseburgers by Costco Angus either in frozen form or in normal temperature can be managed in the best way to eat in hurry. Less time taking and ready-to-eat meals are on your way to choosing with an economical budget.  


How do you care for a cast iron griddle press? 

You can wash your cast iron press, after using it. Washing and drying can give it a long life. Are coating of vegetable oil can help in restoring it. 

Can you preheat a cast iron press? 

Yes, you can preheat your iron press by placing it directly near to the gas burner. Or your stove’s electric coil can help to overheat it for 10 minutes. 

How many calories are in Costco Angus Burgers? 

280 calories have been found in a single patty of Costco Angus Beef Burgers. 

Is Angus Burger better than Regular Burger? 

Angus beef burger is the best one in its quality as a product. No compatibility is bearable with Angus Beef Burgers. 

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