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ilomi massage gun 3 ilomi massage gun 5

Are you in trouble with your muscles’ soreness and stiffness? Have you ever thought? What is the root cause of muscle aches? Stress? Any nutritional deficit? Sprains or strains? Sleeplessness? Or too much physical activity? Do you want to know how this happens? And how it can be cured? Let’s get straight with us to know about the reasons and the best possible solutions. Muscle pain is often caused by tension, stress, and overuse of some gadgets.

Continuous hard work also becomes the cause of muscle stiffness. Muscle pain can affect your whole body and its activities. Muscular pain is usually difficult to avoid. The human body has over 600 muscles. And they can be in pain due to overuse. Muscular pain has been divided into two categories Due to muscle activity and without any muscular activity.  

When your pain is directly caused by muscle activity. Then it may come over with exercise of muscles within 24-48 hours duration. As it only feels like, muscle soreness and stiffness either some cramps included. While other pain is related to any cause without any hard work and activity. In this regard, you must visit your doctor.

 Whereas some other possible solutions also exist now, with ease of access and usage. Nowadays with the advancement of technology and with increasing health issues. We must seek possible solutions as well. How can we get rid of these irritating pains and sufferings? And we are here with you for some relieving remedy. 

Have you ever heard about massage machines? If not then with us you aren’t only going to know about massage machines but also knowing about their features, working process, and benefits. 

What is Lomi Massage Gun? 

Lomi Massage is coming to know as “ To knead, To rub, or to soothe the muscles. On the other hand, the Lomi massage gun works in the same way to provide muscle relief. It assists in curing stiffness, and soreness by sending pulses to your muscle tissue. It’s a deep-tissue massage gun, that works for muscles back, head, neck, body, and shoulder. Lomi massage gun seems a hammer massage tool, especially for athletes. After having a tough day, or getting stiffness by sitting in the same position during your office hours. Now you may find a better way to achieve suitable results at home by using a Lomi massage gun. 

Lomi Massage Gun’s Features: 

ilomi massage gun
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ilomi massage gun 4
ilomi massage gun ilomi massage gun 6 ilomi massage gun 4

Powerful deep tissue massage: 

As a strong deep-tissue massage gun it hits your muscles to 16mm depth. That helps in promoting blood circulation. It has been found to much effective for neck, back, and shoulder muscle pain. 

6 different massage heads: 

6 interchangeable massage heads work exquisitely to provide relief to different parts of the body. It targets 6 major parts of your body, neck, back, shoulders, arms, legs, and hand joints. It is the most popular massage gun for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. 

  • Thumb head 
  • U shaped head 
  • Flathead 
  • Spade shaped head 
  • Round head 
  • Bullet head 

Low decibel massage gun:

While using your Lomi massage gun, you may be tension free about disturbing others. It has strange noise reduction quality. Lomi massage gun’s sound is only 35db which is very small. You may feel free while using your tool. Now you can charge your body even while your family is asleep. 

LED touch display: 

Lomi massage gun has an LED display feature that tables your power and speed level from minimum to maximum. That LED display shows your main power switch and charging port. This display also indicates the battery level and its consumption.  

Best for Sciatica pain relief: 

Sciatica generally refers to the pain that suffers your sciatica nerve. And make you feel pain in your lower back through the hips and buttocks to down each leg. Sciatica pain makes you helpless to bear the pain. Here this massage gun is a perfectly great product to get rid of crucial issues. You can easily control this state of tense muscles and stiffness of your legs. 

Lomi massage gun pros and cons: 


  • Professional Percussive Massage Gun: 

This massage gun is very easy and convenient to use. And its professional way of percussive therapy is completely wonderful to help relieve your muscle’s soreness. Percussive therapy helps in multiple ways to reach deep into soft tissues. Lomi massage gun also assists in breaking up adhesions and encouraging blood flow levels to sore and sensitive areas.

  • Adjustable Speed: 

Lomi massage gun has adjustable speed quality, to keep your body secure, and use this gun as the best therapy. It has 30 speed that is adjustable as per need. For relaxing your muscles you only need to set their speed from 1-5 initial level and for gentle massage, you need to upgrade from 6-10 power, and for Facia relaxation 11-15, and so on. For deep massage and professional mode, you need to adjust it from 21-25 and 26-30. 

  • Impressive and Effective battery life: 

Lomi massage gun has a 2600mAh rechargeable lithium battery. That can be continuously in use for at least 6 hours. Now you may feel stress-free since you charge it once you can take it anywhere you want. Either in your office or traveling. It makes you feel relieved and easy for looking at a charging power. One single charge and 6 hours of usage are convenient. 

  • Portable and Durable: 

Now you get to know about its portability. After charging you can take it anywhere with yourself. It is easy to carry and easy to handle. With a handheld massage gun, you may make yourself pain-free anytime. It’s completely reliable for having a massage by yourself at your home. 

  • High speed and High torque motor: 

There’s a super amazing battery fitted into your handheld Lomi massage gun. That is multi-speed vibrating. And has 2600 speed capacity. The most effective and efficient kind of massage gun is only designed for your complete comfort and convenience. Lomi massage gun’s high-frequency amplitude helps it to work appropriately for muscle soreness and blood flow encouragement. 

ilomi massage gun 2
ilomi massage gun 7
ilomi massage gun 2 ilomi massage gun 7


  • Provide more pressure than self-massage: 

Often massage guns take you into trouble by making your muscles addicted to using these massage therapies regularly. But we shouldn’t ignore the fact that these massage machines are not much healthier for the body’s muscles. They put up more pressure than required on your muscles. 

  • Less usage time: 

Another drawback we have noticed is their less usage time. You cannot use them as a continuous process of relaxing your muscles. But you must give them a break right after 15 minutes of use. To calm your machine or massage gun. 


This most effective kind of Lomi massage gun is available only for $34.99. And its price is worth the usage. After buying you won’t feel yourself in any kind of muscular trouble. It could be a gift for your elders or your athlete’s partners. Keeping your dear ones out of pain and discomfort is the best kind of gift pack. Also, you can get this effective and stunning kind of muscle massage gun in black Friday deals with amazing discounts. 


Lomi massage gun is so handy to use. And Convenient to use by anybody. We are serving this massage hun with an attachment guide to understanding its users with ease. The attachment guide in the box pack will provide all information about its battery, Interchanging heads, and speed capacity. By following all details you can reach your required level and provide comfort to your stiff muscles and ache. 


The Cordless Lomi massage gun by the Headot brand is exceptional in all massage machines. It’s versatile and reliable to use. It’s made of pure silicone and designed for whole-body massage. Just grab your Lomi massage gun to recover faster and feel better daily. 

Massage Gun Charger: 

To support the power system of electronic devices we need compatible and suitable kinds of charging devices or adapters. So that we can give healthy power life and battery life to electronics. Here is your 24V AC adapter for your massage gun. Which are the power cord muscles blaster and best fit with a brushless motor massage gun. This is a multi-protected charger that is safe for charging. Its UL standard quality makes it unique and more durable than all other chargers. It seems to work well with Lomi Massage Gun Muscle Deep Tissue Percussion Massager Cordless 30 Speed Level Professional Handheld Electric Body Massager, Also suitable for Sciatica and Fascia Percussive Massage.  

24V AC Adapter for Massage Gun Charger 5
24V AC Adapter for Massage Gun Charger 3
24V AC Adapter for Massage Gun Charger 5 24V AC Adapter for Massage Gun Charger 3

Lomi Massage Gun Charger Features: 

Multi-Protection Safety: 

Lomi massage gun charger is a substantial piece of equipment by providing you with multi-protection with 6 different types of safety. That has a care feature to control its performance for its customers and users. You can be calm while using this 24V Ac adapter. It seems pretty sturdy. 

  • Over temperature safety
  • Over power protection
  • Short circuit protection 
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Overcharge protection 
  • Over current protection  

DC Head: 

It has AC/DC adapter heads suitable for all brushless motors. With the input of 100-240V ~50-60Hz 0.35A. And the output of DC 25.2V –0.6A. This Dc head inner and outer 5.5 into 1mm /0.22 *0.083 in shape. 

UL Certification: 

24V AC/DC adapter has Ul certification that makes it standardized in quality. Most suitable and safe suited charger with long-lasting results. It seems the most comprehensive charger for your massage guns. 

24V Massage Gun Charger Pros and Cons: 


  • Durable

You just need to take care of your wire and adapter. To make it more and more durable and suitable for use. It’s the best for fitting in all 24V massage guns. Buying once can make your device safe from power supply issues. Its multi-protection gives life to your device with low operating temperature and long service life.

  • User Guide Available: 

We are providing you with complete details of features and quality assurance through a user guide manual with it. You can be aware of all kinds of features, current, and temperature supply to your device. And can use it beneficially with 180 days of warranty. 

  • Suitable for all 24V brushless motors: 

This adapter is comprehensive for all available massage guns of 24V in the market. Brushless and high torques motors are best suited for its for this adapter and charger. It adopts high-quality components with an intelligence IC program control circuit

  • Plug in and charge light:

On the very front of the adapter 2 lights have been designed for knowing about the power plugin and recharged the battery. The red light turns on indicating that your massage gun is on charging. Whereas the green light turns on when your device is fully charged. 


  • Compatibility issue:

You need to check your device compatibility level before purchasing it. Voltage may be different in other countries as well as internationally. You need to buy a converter for the best usage in your place. 

  • Alarming short circuit: 

If you become even a bit less careless, you may find yourself in trouble. Be careful while using this adapter with your device. Although it’s providing multi-protection of overheating and over-temperature safety guards. Even then be careful and aware of the current supply according to your device. 


Its price is $17.99 only. High-quality components adapter and charger at a reasonable price. The new is durable and best compatible with all 24V devices. Discounted prices are also available on black Friday deals.


The Corded Electric AC/DC adapter of 24V is manufactured by SEVELEVEN with stable insulation performance. 

24V AC Adapter for Massage Gun Charger
24V AC Adapter for Massage Gun Charger 6
24V AC Adapter for Massage Gun Charger 7
24V AC Adapter for Massage Gun Charger 24V AC Adapter for Massage Gun Charger 6 24V AC Adapter for Massage Gun Charger 7


Lomi Massage Gun with its 24V AC/DC charger both are devices you can’t help yourself buying after knowing their features, usage, price, and quality. You have read above they are best suited for your muscle’s soreness and stiffness. That’s becoming anybody’s problem nowadays. And the Lomi massage gun charger came to see as the most suitable for all brushless motors. It’s worth pricing. Deep percussive massage gun, 6 different attachment heads, brushless motor, 6 hours plus battery timing making it superlative in usage.  

Grab your black Friday deal, and get these 2 products at reliable, and reasonable prices. We can assure you Lomi massage gun with its attachment guide and complete detailing with a durable charger will lead you to healthy recovering life. To keep you safe, and cure and prevent muscle pains and stiffness these home massage remedies by massage guns will help you to maintain your lifestyle and activities. 


How long until a massage gun can be used when charging? 

A massage gun usually takes one to two hours to charge fully for better usage. On the contrary, if your massage gun is taking much time for charging its battery then you must know that your hun battery is in danger of failing. 

What will happens if you use your massage gun daily?

You can use the massage gun daily, there seems no problem. But its results can diminish after daily usage. For this, you should rotate the days of its usage. Approximately you may use this massage hun twice a week. 

Can massage guns be used on the overall body?

No, a massage gun can only be used on the muscles and soft parts of the body. It can not be used on bones and the head. You may massage your head, shoulders, back, neck, legs, and shins with ease of access. 

Why do massage guns stop working? 

Safe temperature matters a lot. Whenever your feel like your massage machine is overheated now. Just turn it off quickly and put it aside. In some cases, it turns off automatically with overheating. You should leave that massage gun for at least half an hour until it would be cooled down again. 

Can you overuse a massage gun on your muscles? 

Over usage of massage guns on your muscles might cause sensitivity or pain. It may also lessen muscle life. You should only use these massage guns for too little time to keep your muscles strengthful. 

Why is my massage gun blinking red while charging? 

If your massage gun is blinking continuously while charging then you just know that the battery voltage is too high. This also indicates that the battery already has full charging. 

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