Pizza Oven Ooni: A Neapolitan Pizza Maker

Outdoor cooking is as always exciting & commendable. Most of you don’t have time from your busy routine to spend with the family. What if you fix it with a Neapolitan pizza? Setting an outdoor event on your lawn for a delicious pizza is a great idea.

Turn your backyard into a kitchen & cook a fantastic pizza in it. You can trust an Ooni Pizza Oven & set fire in the woods to cook a Neapolitan pizza. Gear up your hands and enjoy family time, regardless of routine work.

Set your office work aside and spend an entire day with your loved ones by cooking a pizza. Choose an ooni brand for a pizza oven in your home. Throw away the idea of the BBQ and try a pizza at home. This weekend, cook a tasty pizza on your own and smash all the pizza restaurants in taste. 

A Brief Introduction to Ooni Koda Gas Pizza:

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A pizza oven seems to be ideal so that anybody can have it. It should be portable and effective enough that people are willing to buy it. Moreover, the temperature inside the oven should not raise the maximum limit. Do you see any pizza oven having all these qualities?

Here is a Pizza Oven Ooni, which is portable to almost all places. The steel legs of this pizza oven make it a complete outdoor kitchen. It’s not just a pizza oven. Ooni pizza oven is a replacement for a pressure cooker. Cook whatever you want to in a portable ooni pizza oven.

Features of this Pizza Oven:

  • Behaves Like Pressure Cooker: Whether you want to roast chicken or veggies, choose a pizza oven ooni. Bake and roast the fish in an Ooni pizza oven freely.
  • Requires Gas: Get instant gas flames with this special pizza oven. An ooni pizza oven seems to be a gas-oriented tool that requires an adequate amount of gas.
  • Perfect for Outdoor Cooking: It’s a master of outdoor cooking with a portable feature. You can cook a pizza anywhere while it’s your home or in any garden.
  • Adequate Heating Temperature: It looks like a shell. The insulated sheet around this shell will provide enough heat in the oven.
  • Easy to Cook: Turn its dial and cook a Neapolitan pizza in 15 minutes. Cook 13’’ pizza easily at your home with a pizza oven.

What to Consider Before Having a Pizza:

  1. Durability

Everything has a lifespan, whether it’s a living or any non-living thing. If you are a good caretaker of a pizza oven for outdoor events, you may use it for a long time. Similarly, a pizza oven also has a lifespan that depends on its durability.

Moreover, this pizza oven is from a brand, so it’s durable and perfect for any gathering. This oven pizza has more warranty and life span than any other local pizza oven. Hence, you should go for brands instead of any local shop with a pizza oven.

  1. Maximum Temperature

Can you make a pizza without checking the temperature of its oven? It’s impossible, so you must test the oven before purchasing it. An Ooni pizza oven has a high temperature of 500 Degree Celsius. For a perfect pizza, you will only need around 15 minutes to heat this oven.

 A short span for pre-heating an oven is a good sign for baking. You must go for a pizza oven whose pre-heat & cooking duration is less. Throw a pizza party and make your pizza in 20 minutes. This will hit you with a delicious and yummy pizza in no time.

  1. Size of Pizza

Are you looking for a pizza oven that cooks a larger pizza with no extra charges? Here you can have an Ooni pizza oven that has all these qualities. This pizza maker will cook almost 13″ pizza in one go. It’s amazing, right? The reason is that most pizza ovens can make 12″ pizza only.

Furthermore, many other pizza makers that can 16” pizza need accessories. It’s not all about accessories; you have to pay an extra amount for all the accessories. Cooking less often is far better than cooking with spare time and effort.

  1. Portable or Not

As you are finding an outdoor pizza oven so it should be portable. If your pizza oven is not portable, how can you set it for an outdoor event? A heavier pizza maker requires a lot of energy and strength for a lift. Hence, the weight of the pizza oven should be reasonable.

If a pizza maker weighs more than 25 kg, you can’t lift it easily. On the contrary, an Ooni Pizza Oven weighs only 22 kg. The lighter version of this pizza maker weighs only 15kg. Try to take a branded and less-weight pizza maker for a soothing outdoor event.

  1. Flavour & Variety

Pizza is useless without taste. For a flaming hot taste in your pizza, go for charcoal or wood. The gas ovens like the Ooni pizza oven can’t give you a similar taste to BBQ. The positive side of this oven is that you can get them at economical prices.

To burn the wood inside the pizza oven, special wood pellets must be used. Combining wood pellets and charcoal will provide a sufficient amount of heat. You will get a sizzling taste through this specific Ooni pizza oven.

  1. Cost to Make a Pizza

The most probable issue that all the user has to face is the price. An ooni fyra pizza oven is available at a reasonable price. You don’t need to invest a bunch of dollars in it. If anyone finds a suitable pizza maker for his home, then the cost of that oven is out of his range.

The reason for its economic cost can be the discount you can get on amazon. Yes, this pizza oven is available on the biggest shopping store, amazon. Grab this gas pizza oven at a discount of 25%. The price tag of this excellent pizza oven will impress you.

  1. Easy to Use 

All pizza makers are not experts. If you are a beginner in cooking, you still can’t find any problem operating this pizza maker. The operability of this pizza oven is quite simple. You have to put wood or charcoal on its lower side and burn them.

After that, the pizza oven starts getting hot then your task is to put your pizza dough inside the oven and wait. Don’t worry; it doesn’t take too much time. You can get a lot of pizzas before your guests come.

What Accessories Do You Need in this Pizza Oven?

Ooni Pizza Oven Brush:

Poni Pizza oven Brush 

Pizza making is ok, but how can you clean your oven after cooking? Yes, it’s a big question. No need to worry, as an Ooni Pizza Oven Brush is here to help you. Get this bamboo pizza brush from any of your nearest stores. Your pizza oven’s oil and dusky material needs this stainless steel brush.

Cleaning will get easy when a pizza oven brush is available. The bamboo handle of this brush gives it a fine look. You can grip it easily while cleaning your pizza oven. Use it on the upper and lower side of your pizza oven. Furthermore, get a 10% discount on this pizza oven brush from amazon.

Wood for Ooni Pizza Oven 

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If you want to operate a pizza oven, wood or charcoal is necessary. Here comes a Carolina Cookwood Pizza Oven for your pizza maker. The slighter size of this wood will fit in any size of your oven. You need to use this wood in your pizza oven because it has burning power.

When you open the pizza door, you find a slighter smoke inside it. The heat coming from this wood will never create so much smoke. Additionally, it will enhance the flavor of your pizza. Moreover, you can’t get any burnt taste in your pizza.

Kona Best Wood Smoking Pellets

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Have you ever heard about smoking pellets? If not, you can find a Kona Best Wood Smoking Pellet through which you can fire the pizza oven. If the Cookwood or charcoal is not working, choose a smoking pellet.

Using pellets to light a fire inside a pizza oven will enhance the taste of your pizza. The pellets are like small sticks of unique wood used to light the fire. The pellets’ smoke will give your pizza a special BBQ taste.


How to Clean Ooni Pizza Oven?

Cleaning a pizza oven requires lukewarm water, a sponge, and soap. The case of Ooni Pizza Oven is slightly different because it has a special pizza oven brush for cleaning.

How to Light Ooni Pizza Oven?

The simple way is to add some wood smoke pellets to the burning grid. Light the pellets till the smoke starts coming from them, then put wood on them and pre-heat the oven.

What Else Can You Cook in an Ooni Pizza Oven?

It’s not just a pizza oven. You can also use it for other cooking purposes, like roasting chicken and veggies. Moreover, grilling of fish is also possible in this pizza oven.

Can You Use Ooni Pizza Oven Indoors?

No, it’s not for indoor use. If the smoke comes from the pizza oven, it will catch fire while using it for indoor purposes. The high temperature inside this oven will be dangerous for your kitchen.

What is the Best Ooni Pizza Oven to Buy?

The Karu 16 is the most famous and the best among all the Ooni pizza products. The versatility of this pizza oven will make it unique. You can add both charcoal and fuel to it. Moreover, the cooking area inside this oven is also significant.

At the End:

Ordering a pizza is simple but try to take the challenge of pizza making at home. Choose a branded oven pizza like Ooni for this purpose. Enjoy the formal and informal gatherings by making delicious pizzas in an Ooni Pizza Oven.

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