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Generac Guardian 24kW Home Standby Generator with PWRview Transfer Switch Wi-Fi Enabled 6
DuroMax XP 15000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator 11
Generac Guardian 24kW Home Standby Generator with PWRview Transfer Switch Wi-Fi Enabled 6 DuroMax XP 15000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator 11

Have you ever read about generators? Do you know what are Generators? And how do they work? What do they need to work? If no? Then today we are going to take you into the world of electricity. In the generation of electricity, you will get to know today. What are generators, and how do they work? In this innovative era, several power products are assisting us to build power plants, and power stations and saving and storing electricity for the hour of need. 

Maybe the word Electromagnetic seems new to you. Electromagnetic devices are those devices that maintain a connection between an electrical current and a magnetic field. These devices contain electromagnets in them. 

What is a generator? 

Well in electricity generation, a generator itself is a device that converts motive power (mechanical energy) or chemical energy into electric power for using it in an external circuit. A generator doesn’t itself generate or create electrical energy. They obtain it from some external sources. This is at least clear now, electrical generators work on the principle of Electromagnetic induction. We must also talk about the sources. Should we? Of course, some different kinds of sources of mechanical energy include steam turbines, gas turbines, water turbines, wind turbines, internal engines, and also hand cranks. 

Michael Faraday, the first British Scientist in August 1831 invented the electromagnetic generator. That’s how the first transformer came into being. 

Types of generators? 

Fundamentally there are only two known types and major types of generators. 

And they are 1: AC (alternating current) and 2:  DC (direct current) generators. Generators as the most useful appliances supply electrical power to support power outages and save us from discontinuity and disruption of our daily activities and business activities. 

AC generators: 

We can call them alternators. They are the most useful and important means of sharing electrical power in so many places now. Nowadays, almost all consumers are using AC generators. They work on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Generators must according to some consistent speed provide stable voltages and Ac voltage. 

DC generators: 

In a DC generator, the electric current flows in one direction. They help to provide seems less power supply very directly to electrical storage devices. And the stored power carries to loads through dc-ac converters. Dc generators work at controlled back-to-normal speed because batteries should be stimulating to recover more fuel.

For sure, you are thinking right now, why do we need generators? How do we need them in our daily life or business life? You must not be wondered, just count yourself blessed that you are living in an era where dependable power grids exist. Generators have now become the most important and popular item for wide-awake business owners and also for homeowners. 

They are the best companions in the following spaces of life. 

  • Emergencies 
  • Power supply for business 
  • Construction purposes 
  • Fairs and festivals 
  • Reunions, weddings, and parties 
  • Sports events 
  • Specific Holiday displays 
  • Camping 
  • Farming operations 
  • Mines sites 
  • Standby power facilitation 

DuroMax 15000 Watts Portable Generator:

DuroMax XP 15000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator7
DuroMax XP 15000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator5
DuroMax XP 15000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator
DuroMax XP 15000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator7 DuroMax XP 15000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator5 DuroMax XP 15000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator

DuroMax power equipment company is an American-owned company founded in 2003. And this company seems to be the leading company in portable power home backup and duel fuel technology advancement. DuroMax provides you with a commitment to excellence. DuroMax assists you by providing comfort, safety, and peace of mind from their dependable power-home backup. 

Your portable whole home power backup is hereby DuroMax Generator with 15000 watts of energy. DuroMax XP 15000EH provides you with power from a large home standby generator. Now you can have a modern take on home power backup by a portable generator. If any emergency occurs, and you have to manage something in nick of time. You just need to fire up your generator and fuel up with what is readily available. 

All you have to do is buy this safest generator from the market. Developing a strong kind of engine line, Duromax is offering you a complete package with pressure washers, water pumps, engines, and now V-twin kind of engines. Portable Duromax maintains its quality by serving gasoline and propane offers to you for your ease. 15000 watt portable generator could be your only choice because of its unbeatable specs. 

Now, we will look forward to its high-quality features, usage, and pricing. 

Features of DuroMax 15000 Watts Portable Generator: 

  • Fully Loaded Power Panels

The power panel of Duromax 15000 watts prtable genrator is beyond powerful. Once its power is restored by the main power grid the generator will automatically turn off. ATS ( Automatic Transfer switch) helps the generator by knowing the outage and providing the signal to the control panel to start the generator automatically. It has a digital multimeter, home power backup ready 50 Amp and 30Amp outlets, a low oil sensor, and 4 household outlets. 

  • All-Metal Construction

All metal designing of portable generators ensures their durability of it. Plastic material can get deformed anytime and can affect its quality as well usage. Our 15000 watts portable generator is all metal designed for its long-lasting life and progress. 

  • Powerful OHV Engines 

OHV means Overhead valve engines and these engines are located in cylinder heads above the combustion chamber. The XP15000EH is Powered by a DuroMax 713cc DuroMax V-Twin Engine . Overhead valve engines in DuroMax portable generators are extremely strong to allow air gule mixture spread and works more rapidly throughout the chamber. 

  • All-Copper Windings

Copper has been seen as the most reliable and conductive magnet wire choice for most of motors. By using copper with a thin enamel coating, we need to tightly wrap the wire to create strong winding that will help appropriately to drive the motor. 

  • Push Button Start 

On the very front power panel, key switch is located on the left side. You just have to insert the key and turn on the start position to start your generator. Then you just allow the key to return to the on position. It’s very easy to turn on and easy to operate. 

  • Easy Fuel Control 

Freedom of choice is here for you, to easily control your fuel panel. If you want to add gasoline or propane to your DuroMax 15000-watt generator. Propane is less expensive rather than gasoline( fuel). DuroMax automatically shuts down when oil consumption is less than required which helps to keep long life of generator. 

  • Large Fuel Tanks

The DuroMax Generator XP15000EH fuel tank holds 10.6 gallons of gasoline and provides up to 8.5 hours of runtime at a 50 percent load. With a 40-pound propane tank, the generator runs up to 6.5 hours at 50 percent load. Fuel use varies with the electrical load. That means you can run your generator for longer time without any trouble. 

  • No-Flat Tires

DuroMax portable generator is fully rugged with wherever and whenever you need it, no flat tires roll easily over any terrain. They are the most durable to withstand in severe weather with year’s of heavy wear and tear. 

DuroMax 15000 watts portable generator pros and cons: 

DuroMax XP 15000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator 2
DuroMax XP 15000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator 3
DuroMax XP 15000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator 2 DuroMax XP 15000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator 3


  • Affordable 

DuroMax portable generators are the most reliable and affordable. Unlike the old traditional standby generators that are large, much expensive and serve only one purpose. Whereas Portable DuroMax with 15000 watts portable generator is cost-effective and can power you anytime anywhere, whether you’re at your home or the job site. 

  • Power your way

The exquisite DuroMax portable generator has an interlock kit with itself. You can use it simultaneously. You can give your generator electoral power of 120V electric outlet. Or you can give power of 240V from a single outlet. The choice would be according to your need. 

  • Low maintenance 

This generator doesn’t need maintenance every day. You don’t need to call an electrician or expert to fix it everyday. You can do it by yourself. Need to change the oil in generator and also need to clean the filter. To increase its efficiency. You just need to change the oil and clean it’s filters. 

  • Power on-the-go 

Being a portable generator, you can use it anywhere you want or need to arrange a power supply. This generator has grounded it wheels on your land and you can move it anywhere. It’s best suitable kind of generator for a rented home. 

  • Extension Cords 

The portable option seems as the most straightforward one which is also affordable. It requires no installation, you just need to plug in your appliance and enjoy the facilitation. It is perfect for renters, Rv camps and trips. 

  • Transfer Switch 

Once you choose which circuit you want to power you are just locked into configuration. When an outage occurs, it automatically switches your power over to your generator. 


Carbon monoxide poisoning 

The harmful gas can affect human health badly. And during times of the disaster, you must be worried about the leakage of carbon monoxide gas which is harmful and poisonous to health.  This gas is colorless and odorless. You are unable to see or smell the gas. Breathing in this has can cause, dizziness, headache and eventually death. 

High voltage

Due to the powerful loaded panel. The supply of electricity is also strong as per 15000 watts electric supply. The generator produces heat while running. You just don’t need to touch hot surfaces. Let the generator get cools first before touching it’s engine or other areas. DuroMax units provide high-amperage power tools. Overheating and overloading can cause electric shock. 


A complete user guide and user manual are available for the installation of the DuroMax 15000 watt portable generator. You just need to follow those simple steps for installing and using a portable unit of 15000 watts. You can connect electrical devices running on AC current according to wattage requirements. The surge wattage of DuroMax portable is 15000 watts but it can provide an electricity supply of 13000 watts. Check and balance of oil and gas level is must. 


DuroMax 15000 watts portable generator is available only for $3,199.00. To help you lighten up your way with a most powerful and perfect home backup. DuroMax has 3 years of following back warranty.Get your best value on product perfection with fast repairs and replacements. We provide you with this portable generator at an affordable price, unlike traditional standby generators. Also, user guides and user manuals are available for your best guidance. 

Generac 24kW Home Standby Generator:

Generac Guardian 24kW Home Standby Generator with PWRview Transfer Switch Wi-Fi Enabled 3
Generac Guardian 24kW Home Standby Generator with PWRview Transfer Switch Wi-Fi Enabled 2
Generac Guardian 24kW Home Standby Generator with PWRview Transfer Switch Wi-Fi Enabled 1
Generac Guardian 24kW Home Standby Generator with PWRview Transfer Switch Wi-Fi Enabled 3 Generac Guardian 24kW Home Standby Generator with PWRview Transfer Switch Wi-Fi Enabled 2 Generac Guardian 24kW Home Standby Generator with PWRview Transfer Switch Wi-Fi Enabled 1

Generac by Guardian home standby generator with 24kW is the largest air-cooled home generator in the market. Its unique feature offers you a preview of home energy monitoring to its owners. More than 2 million homeowners are enjoying peace of mind. Generac generators are rooted in the market from over 60 years ago and still continues to provide with innovative backup power solutions around the globe.

Generac 24kW seems like a big deal in small package. They are giving more power through continuous improvement and commitment technological world. For the very first time, any home appliance is offering you a preview of Generac’s home energy management system which assists you to manage your home energy usage. 

That will ultimately lead you to reduce electricity utility bills. Generators help you to grow more and enjoy more and make your life easier by giving you a backup power solutions. You can enjoy your parties, family gatherings, and events with stress-free hours. 

You can take this 24kW home standby generator in 20000 watts as well. To save your money and to save your use according to need. 

Generac 24kW standby generator features: 

  • Innovative Engine 

Generators of Generac are leading in this era for the last 60 years of professionalism. Their engines have been designed with innovation of the time. That helps to increase fuel efficiency in the generator. The process of lubrication pressurizes generator to perform well and requires less maintenance. 

  • Auto Shut down 

In the hour of danger and warning, the Generac generator has the quality of the auto shut down. Whenever suddenly the oil pressure reaches too low, the generator engine will turn off automatically. Similarly, when the engine heats up too fast at a certain level then the generator will shut down again. This precautionary feature saves you from danger and damage. 

  • Dual Fuel

In Generac Generator 24kW, you have the opportunity to choose either fuel (propane) or natural gas for your generators. Natural gas is available anywhere. But LP fuel helps you to work your generator well. LP the liquid is also less expensive than natural gas. 

  • Battery Usage 

Battery consumption of Generac generators depends on air temperature most of the time. Its in-built battery setup helps you to know the consumption level during work. General offers 26R wet, cell battery for using air-cooled 8-22kw products. 

  • Wifi Feature 

You can download the mobile link on your smartphone, which will help you to monitor the status of your home standby generator. All air-cooled Generac home standby generator comes with on board wireless connection to connect to your home wifi router. 

General 24kW Home standby Generator Pros and Cons: 

Generac Guardian 24kW Home Standby Generator with PWRview Transfer Switch Wi-Fi Enabled 7
Generac Guardian 24kW Home Standby Generator with PWRview Transfer Switch Wi-Fi Enabled 5
Generac Guardian 24kW Home Standby Generator with PWRview Transfer Switch Wi-Fi Enabled 4
Generac Guardian 24kW Home Standby Generator with PWRview Transfer Switch Wi-Fi Enabled 7 Generac Guardian 24kW Home Standby Generator with PWRview Transfer Switch Wi-Fi Enabled 5 Generac Guardian 24kW Home Standby Generator with PWRview Transfer Switch Wi-Fi Enabled 4


  • Saves up to $8,000 

For your small business and home power, now u can save $8,000 with Generac 24kW generators. They are help you in saying 8 dollars in product installation and cost while comparing to other competitive products. The most durable generators perfect for all weather conditions. 

  • Takes up to less 70% space 

Once again, Generac 24kW generators as standby home generators takes less space. Its guardian unit packs the most powerful and support power system into a small package that takes up to 70% less space rather than other competitive output products. 

  • 5 years of warranty 

The true power of technology in Generac delivers high-quality products in the form of standby generators for your homes and small businesses. 5 years of warranty can make you feel relieved while purchasing your best-suited product by Generac. 

  • User friendly 

A multilingual LCD display allows it’s users to control it’s all functions and features. To monitor battery status in a better way, to track maintenance, and to make sure your generator is always working in top operating condition. You shouldn’t  worry at all, to buy your generator from Generac. If it suits you in 20000 watts you may go for it as well. There won’t be any compromise on quality. 


Low battery timing

Even after 5 years I’m of warranty, you may get in trouble with it’s battery life. Generators battery should be changed every two years after using. You may feel your generators battery starts tripping and will start forcing your generator d not take “start” 

Harmful gas release 

While working, some harmful gases while gas instead of fuel released from the engine that is so harmful and can affect your health badly. Released gas spread in the air and can pollute the air for breathing. Health issues can occur because if these generators use in living areas. 


Generac 24kW generator cost $2,000 to 5,000$ for 7 to 24kW whole house power supply. Whereas $3,000 to $5,000 for installation. During power outages, they turn on automatically and run natural gas systems and propane. They are the leading brands for your small business and whole home standby power supply. 


We have shared with you such useful appliances that provide you with electrical power during some power outages. To save you from disruption and disconnection from your activities, generators are here for you. In the form of portable and standby whole home power supply. 

Whether you are home or camping and enjoying a trip. You shouldn’t worry about electricity issues or lights out. We have told you above all features and advantages of having a portable Duromax generator or Generac the leading brand’s generators for over 60 years. 

You just need to know your requirement, why you need a generator, and how much cost you can hear for a power outage solution. 15000 watts portable generators and 24kW (20000 watts) general generators will best serve you with years of warranty and an installation user guide. You may enjoy your gatherings, parties, and events by feeling free and convenient.


What can you run on a 15000 watt generator? 

DuroMax 15000 watts generator can run multiple appliances at once during an outage of electricity. And multiple appliances so far mean A house can depend on its progress. 

How often do you change the oil in the Duromax generator? 

You must keep your generator lubricated, after every 6-8 hours of running to wipe out the engine. Similarly, you must go for an oil change after 20 hours running. 

Is it okay to leave a generator running all night? 

No, it’s completely unsafe. And the reason is carbon monoxide hazard. That creates harmful effects for health. While your generator engine is on, it releases carbon monoxide that is poisonous for your breathing. 

Can the generator sit out in the rain? 

Generators are specifically designed to give powerful voltages, and if during the rain your generator gets moisture into outlets and the engine also get wet. Then there maybe a greater risk of electricution. 

Should I turn off my Generac generator at night? 

General has suggested to shut off your generator right after every 24 hours of working. To check and assess its oil level and air filter operation. You need to turn off the mains utility connection for this. 

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