Robot Vacuum Cleaner: A Home Cleaning Expert

It’s party season but wait; what about this litter after the party? Your friends are gone, and you have to clean the whole house. Isn’t it hectic? What if you get a robot to clean your home? Seems foolish, right? But it’s not a prank; there is a robotic vacuum cleaner for you.

A robot vacuum cleaner is quick to support you in cleaning your home. Whether a birthday event or a family gathering, a robot vacuum cleaner will clean your home. Just clean your home with a single button on the top of this device.

Before that, let’s have a brief look at this vacuum device:

What is a Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

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Tikom Robot Vacuum
Tikom Robot Vacuum
Tikom Robot Vacuum
Tikom Robot Vacuum
Tikom Robot Vacuum
Tikom Robot Vacuum
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Most of you have already seen vacuum cleaners. A robot vacuum cleaner is the next version of this vacuum cleaner. Yes, it’s a machine which will follow your instructions to clean a place. You need to navigate, and it can clean all of your homes.

Say bye to manual home cleaning and have a robot vacuum cleaner. Why are you cleaning your home by yourself? Order a robot vacuum cleaner and enjoy watching TV while cleaning home. 

A Brief Introduction of Tikom G47000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

Smart navigation with a zig-zag mapping process is the quality of a Tikom G47000 robot vacuum cleaner. No, it’s not just a vacuum cleaner; it’s a perfect tool for in-house cleaning. The zig-zag mapping in this robot vacuum will improve the cleaning process by up to 30%.

Don’t get up! A 27oopa strong suction of this vacuum cleaner will require a charger. It’s a self-charging device whose charger will get on when it gives a low battery signal. You need to connect its charging ports and stay free.

Whether it’s a carpet or a floor, this robot vacuum cleaner will provide services for every surface type. The voice control feature in the app of this robot cleaner is a bonus point. You can record any map in the vacuum cleaner over your voice.

Why You Need a Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

  • No Need to Recharge

This super-fast vacuum cleaner will turn off automatically & get towards its charging dock when the battery gets low. It’s a robot, so you don’t need to worry about its battery. You just need to plug in the charging dock on its body & then get free from its charging stress.

  • Flexible for Every Surface

Home cleaning will include cleaning the kitchen, bedrooms, and TV lounge. All these areas have different floors, so you have to set the vacuum cleaner accordingly. Don’t waste time; choose a Tikom robot vacuum cleaner for every floor type.

  • No Need to Clean Home

Are you fed up with manual home cleaning? Friends are coming, and you are tired due to late night sleep? No worries, a Tikom robot vacuum cleaner will clean all your home in minutes. This robot cleaner will automatically turn off after cleaning. Just turn on the vacuum and again sleep till the friends come.

  • Contain Built-in Sensor

While the stains are on your carpet or floor, an automatic vacuum cleaner will find them. It’s because it has a sensor that detects every spot in your home. Moreover, the areas of your home with a lot of dirt will never hide from this robot cleaner.

  • Have a Special Boundary

The navigation mapping in this robot vacuum cleaner is to draw a boundary for cleaning. Suppose you don’t allow this vacuum cleaner to enter the bathroom; it will never enter. You have drawn a boundary in this robot vacuum cleaner that never crosses.

  • Quite Handy Device

This Tikom robot vacuum’s weight is manageable so you can take it anywhere. While you need to clean your home or office, just put this vacuum cleaner in your car and enjoy cleaning. If your boss seems upset all day due to dirt in the office, present him with a robot vacuum cleaner.

  • Good for Narrow Places

There are some places in your home in which no cleaner can go. The tight places in a home are under the bed, in the corners, and on the wall, for which you need a smart cleaner. A Tikom robot vacuum can easily walk on the wall and under your bed. So stay tension free in case of cleaning from narrow places.

  • Suitable for Disable People

People who can’t walk or clean their homes by themselves can use this robot vacuum cleaner. This superpower vacuum cleaner will clean their home in a few minutes without personal involvement. They have to set a navigation plan to clean all the areas included in the plan.

  • Connects to Wi-Fi

Need a handy solution for your home cleaning? Try a Tikom robot cleaner that can connect to your home Wi-Fi. You can now manage and navigate your home cleaning on your mobile device. The robot vacuum will allow you to navigate your cleaning even if you are not home.

Do You Know About Robot Vacuum Mapping?

Have you seen a google map? It’s the largest navigation system to track any location in the world. Similarly, robot vacuum mapping will record your house location. It will save all the places inside your home. You can watch the map on your phone as well.

There is an option to set boundaries in this vacuum mapping as well. For example, there are some areas in which you don’t want cleaning; you can remove them from the map. Places like larger homes or offices will get most of their benefits.

How Do these Robot Vacuums Will Navigate Your Home?

The working of this vacuum robot depends on the camera and map inside it. This perfect combo will help a robot to navigate the room before cleaning. The camera will sense all the areas through which it passes. This will help you in recognition of your room.

Then comes the sensor for navigation. The map inside the robot vacuum is the option that is totally up to you. You can easily edit the map according to your requirement. There are multiple types of sensors that you can use in this vacuum navigation.

Let’s have a look at what kind of sensors you can have in this robot:

What Kind of Sensors Are These Robot Vacuums Used?

  • Wall sensors

Have you ever seen a robot that can detect walls? Here is a wall sensor that can find walls coming while the robot is cleaning. This sensor will save the robot from any risk of hitting the wall. The robot can get destroyed if it hits the wall with speed.

  • Obstacle sensors

Are you familiar with an obstacle? All of you must have a lot of furniture in your home. It’s not good while cleaning a home. Any obstacle in a robot cleaner’s path can be disturbing. Therefore, we have an obstacle sensor. It will sense any type of obstacle, including furniture, to avoid any issue in cleaning.

  • Wheel sensors

This is a straightforward sensor implemented when there is no other option. A wheel sensor will count the number of wheels to sense how far the robot has covered. This can help the robot to judge how much area is left for cleaning.

  • Cliff sensors

You have all types of sensors in your robot cleaner. What if the vacuum cleaner has to cross the stairs while cleaning? Shocking right? Haven’t you thought about it? No worries, here is a cliff sensor that can pass light to objects.

If the object doesn’t return it, then their no object in the path. On the contrary, if the object returns the infrared light, it means there is an object in the path.

What do You conclude from it?

Cleaning is not a hectic job now. It is because a robot cleaner will automate the cleaning process. A single device can clean all of your rooms and kitchen. If you are waiting for your guests, turn on the vacuum cleaner, which will change the look of your home after a smart cleaning.


Is there a Robot Cacuum Better than Roomba?

Rumba is the best choice in case of home cleaning. It has a super-fast cleaning power to eliminate dust from your house in a few minutes. When it comes to the robot vacuum, then no technology can beat it.

How long do Robot Cacuums Last?

It varies from model to model. The average age of a robot vacuum cleaner is between 4 to 6 years. If you get the latest technology, then it can cross this average age of robots cleaner.

Can Robot Vacuums go from Hardwood to Carpet?

Yes, a robot vacuum can clean every type of surface. Whether the surface is hard like hardwood or soft like the carpet, the vacuum cleaner will work for it.

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